Matt Lee: Internet Man

My name is Matt Lee, I am an web developer living in BOston, MA.

I am well versed in HTML (Hypertext Markdown Lingustics)

I spend most of my day writing funny things for the television, but occasionally I make movies. See my profile on IMDb.

I am from the UK, but I live in the US for work reasons.

Contact me

If you're trying to find out about me, see the WiKiPeDiA about me. I cannot guarantee factual information, but I am confirming that is my real name.

If you want to send me electronic mail, you can send it to or if you want to send me a fax you can send it to +1-617-542-2652. Please do not attempt to contact me via other means as I will not respond. This is especially true of sexual advances which should be sent to and CCd to

Please contact my agent with any potential jobs

If you are a fan, write to 51 Frankin Street, #500, Boston, MA 02110 or follow me on < a href="">< a href="">Twitter or IMDB

I am a big fan of Guy Blandford, Jonathan Desmond and Mick Cousens

Big fan of Law & Order.

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