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My first movie, Orang-U: An Ape Goes To College came out on July 8th 2017. Available on YouTube, Vimeo and other places.

I'm Matt Lee, an artist & writer living around Boston, Massachusetts. I moved here in 2008 from the UK. Read more about me at Wikipedia.

Send me an email → ← and consider sending me encrypted email using my GnuPG key. Get one of yourself at Keybase. Ask me if you need an invite.

I tweet a lot I suppose. I try to balance between my own nonsense and giving signal boosts to important and funny things. Follow me on Twitter?

I previously worked at GitLab, Creative Commons and the Free Software Foundation. I've been working with free software professionally since 2001 and I've been using free software since the 90s. All of my work is available under free licenses.

In 2017, I was interviewed about the technology and tools I use to do my work.

In 2009, I started, a music community site with a few hundred thousand users. This led to the creation of the GNU FM project to create the software to power the site, which also led to the creation of the GNU social project, which later merged with the StatusNet and FreeSocial projects. I worked on GNU from 2003-2017.

Other stuff

Sporadically since the late 90s I've made music with Mark Cousens (and later Vikki Crowe) as furny. We have one EP you can buy in various places, including iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp or as a ZIP file which comes with some snazzy artwork by Rob Myers.

I made a film about Free Software in 2007 to promote the 25th anniversary of the GNU project. Happy Birthday to GNU starring Stephen Fry is available on YouTube, and on the GNU website. My feature film, Orang-U: An Ape Goes To College comes out in July 2017. Other TV/movie work can be found on my IMDb profile.

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A film, a book, an album — On my Gumroad store.

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