My Cronies,

St Skeletor's Day is a non-commercial alternative to the corporate whorefest that is St Valentine's Day. Each year, on February 15th, the festival of St. Skeletor occurs worldwide. The purposes are:-

St Valentine of course is the patron saint of making single people feel like crap - each year, the celebration drifts further away from the celebration of love, and further towards the celebration of fluffy handcuffs, expensive flowers, thoughtless greetings cards and other tat shaped into heart shaped packaging, putting pressure on people in relationships to partake of their hard earned cash and actually buy this crap. Worse still, many companies now send Valentine's cards to their customers, further polluting the concept of love.

Okay, I get that it's a big pile of corporate bilge, but what's Skeletor got to do with this?

Skeletor is the antithesis of the slushy corporate image of St Valentine. The day itself was devised by British comedian and playwright, Richard Herring in 1998. Every year since, people all over the world have celebrated it (probably)

Put simply, Skeletor is pure evil. He's so evil in fact, that the only love interest he was ever seen with was called Evil Lynn - if this doesn't prove his commitment to evil to you, you should check out his wikipedia article.

So, what's planned for this year?

All over the world, people can take part in their normal daily routine, without disruption or exclusion.

Let us know!

Did you celebrate St Skeletor's Day? What did you do?

Love, Destruction,

St. Skeletor
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St Skeletor's Day - Feb 15th

St Skeletor's Day - Feb 15th