St Skeletor's Day

St Skeletor's Day is a non-commercial alternative to the corporate whorefest that is St Valentine's Day. Each year, on February 15th, the festival of St. Skeletor occurs worldwide. The purposes are:-

St Valentine of course is the patron saint of making single people feel like crap - each year, the celebration drifts further away from the celebration of love, and further towards the celebration of fluffy handcuffs, expensive flowers, thoughtless greetings cards and other tat shaped into heart shaped packaging, putting pressure on people in relationships to partake of their hard earned cash and actually buy this crap. Worse still, many companies now send Valentine's cards to their customers, further polluting the concept of love.

Okay, I get that it's a big pile of corporate bilge, but what's Skeletor got to do with this?

Skeletor is the antithesis of the slushy corporate image of St Valentine. The day itself was devised by British comedian and playwright, Richard Herring in 1998. Every year since, people all over the world have celebrated it (probably)

Put simply, Skeletor is pure evil. He's so evil in fact, that the only love interest he was ever seen with was called Evil Lynn - if this doesn't prove his commitment to evil to you, you should check out his wikipedia article.

So, what's planned for this year?

All over the world, people can take part in their normal daily routine, without disruption or exclusion. In Leeds, people will be eating fruit in their offices and drinking beer in the evening. In Norwich, Dr Mark Cousens and Andy Colby have agreed to sing Fats Domino songs to people in their local supermarket. In Glasgow, Ali will be seeing Ryan Adams and having a drink or ten, whilst avoiding Buckie. In Plymouth, Mark Stephenson is going to stand under a giant Thundercats logo, before realising he has the wrong program and going home. In Warwick, Cornish legend Lucy will be relaxing at the expense of others! In Sheffield, failed comedian Matt Lee will be giving a presentation about the nature of sofware freedom, you should check that out if you're in the area.

Let us know!

Did you celebrate St Skeletor's Day? What did you do?

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What will people be doing for 2007?

  1. Chris Turner from Middlesbrough will be drinking a million pints for breakfast
  2. Dr Mark Cousens from Norwich will be trying to get his NES working
  3. Alex Thomas (aka. pintofeggs) from Dereham, Norfolk will be Having a fight (with Trogdor)
  4. Piotr from Pila, Poland will be Aggressive
  5. Matt Lee from Exeter, Devon will be Eating Strawberries
  6. Laura (middle name, undercover) from Dereham will be yelling abuse down the phone to halfwits
  8. neuro from Glasgow will be ritually burning Post-It pads
  9. He-Man from Castle Greyskull will be wondering why Ram-man and Fisto don\'t just get a room?
  10. Sam Donohoe from Manchester will be wanking himself raw.
  11. Matt Hindle from Essex will be not knowing anything about sport, whilst still being a complete bell-end.
  12. Matt Hindle from Essex will be an idiot
  13. Matt Hindle from Sheffield will be forlornly wishing that Sam would grow up, even though he knows it will never happen.
  14. Matt Hindle from Essex will be crying because he is soft.
  15. Sam Donohoe from Man-chis-toh will be getting bummed off dogs
  16. Mr MeatMan from Planet QuasiUranus will be mostly eating sandwhiches
  17. Miss Veggie Table from her Milky Way will be mostly beating bland bitches
  18. Cletus Cuntstubble from Harchester will be shaving his balls until they\'re as smooth as glass, with all the odour of a hot biscuit.
  19. Lula Majula from Norf Landun will be frapping vigorously
  20. Mal from Wirral will be making snot sculptures
  21. Piotr from r2893-b will be fighting cupidon
  22. Ivan Denisovich Shukov from Gulag Camp, Siberia will be building the Power Station
  23. Jenny from Cardiff will be contemplating whether women can ever have good facial hair
  24. Matt from Cardiff will be thinking about what he can do with his third nipple
  25. Jack from Cardiff will be taking suggestions for Matt from Cardiff in a small booth on the high street
  27. Dusty Limits from London will be preaching to the people of Brighton about the importance of celebrating singledom
  28. Jean Edelstein from London will be cleaning the bathroom
  31. Mark underwood from Southampton will be watching under siege...alone
  32. Ray Todd from Gay Newcastle will be Touching mens bits with his face
  33. Everyone from southampton will be with ray\'s mum
  34. Sam from Nottingham will be Filing down his nails until he has no arms.
  35. Martyn B from Fareham will be beating my meat until my buts explode
  36. Martyn B from fareham will be learning about grammar and practising his typing skills...
  37. Xalior from South Wales will be Editing Podcasts
  38. dado from the pit of hell will be drinking child\'s blood and cursing every living thing
  39. ray from the Northeast US will be scudding along
  40. fleep from the spanish hinterlands will be shucking code and dropping puns on irc
  41. tomaw from the YooKay will be working like a dog (as he should be)
  42. Louise from Bath will be playing with pathogens
  43. Tim from Bath will be considering autonomous systems and awareness, but then giving up and plotting ways to kill he-man instead.
  44. Mike Rodgers from Venice will be An Insurance Broker for a day
  45. David from tampa will be Planning to get Married, the most evil deed of all
  46. Fletcher from dirty-jerz will be at home with the kiddies and he should be.
  47. Sandy Vag from the U.S. will be shaking her fist at the drunk and disorderly.
  48. Jimbo from a place will be smashing a puppy
  49. Waldeck from Connecticut will be Sailing the high seas in search of treasure, women, and grog. Yarrrrr!
  50. Alice from Alice-ville will be number 50
  51. anna from leicester will be masturbating over french lawyers who are vampires in their spare time.
  52. Chris M from Plymouth will be Drinking the SEA... ALL OF IT!!! HEHAEHAHEHAEHAHEHA!!
  53. neural_jam from the planet spandex will be eating your grandmothers cabbage and then making sweet love to a mango in your garage
  54. neural_jam from the planet spondex will be holding the funnel for Chris M from plymouth
  55. from will be
  56. from will be
  57. neural_jam from Time And Relative Dimensions In Space will be learning to press the submit button only once
  58. Jenny from PA will be saying \"thats what she said\" after any sexual innuendo
  59. Eric Monaghan from the Gamma Quadrant will be running an important ship diagnostic
  60. Akshay from Klingon will be masturbating rather coarsely
  61. Matthew from Mississippi will be rapping his with his ex
  62. Colin from Mississippi will be shooping da whoop
  63. Skeletor from universe will be fucking beastman
  64. James from Calgary will be proclaiming that masturbation counts as \"getting laid\".
  65. Dane from Sonora will be hating all!
  66. Duke James from devon will be Attempting to make a cat dog, or a goat-weasel, in-fact any cross bread of animal suitable for world domination. I may give in when Rick Stein Taste o
  67. Rach from Leeds will be Bankrupting the NHS - mwoahaha
  68. Samarth from Bombay will be eating noodles for lunch cuz he\'s hungry.
  69. Dixey from Southampton will be poking dog shit into fishfingers and feeding them to small children
  70. Anvil from Battlecreek will be building a rubbish tower with Factual to keep evil demons at bay
  71. Dom from Derby will be Wanking over a pile of dead puppies
  72. Mark from Nottingham will be Rear ending a swan in a nearby park
  73. Derek Lawrie from Advantica will be celebrating with the gays
  74. Robbie from the OS Rubbish site will be growing in size, and making a home for rats on the data supply floor
  75. Laura from Nottingham will be doing unspeakable things to goats
  76. Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud will be sleeping with Anvil and loving it
  77. Oafman from OS will be staring at Dave everytime he walks past Data Supply
  78. Toilet man from OS will be waiting for victims in the 4th floor toilets
  79. Song from Billong will be a legend
  80. Mark from Nottingham will be Posing as a goat so Laura (No.75) can do unspeakable things to him
  81. Laura from number 76 will be happy to see to Mark (no80) as long as he joins in with the other goats
  82. Sophie from heartbreak Central will be shitting on Anvils heart
  83. Mark from Number 80 will be happy to goat it up so long as Laura (no 75 and 81) will also lez up Sarah Harding (76) while she blows his socks.
  84. Winterlord from Sweden will be proposing to She-ra
  85. Laura from 75 & 81 will be willing to lez it up with Miss Harding. But as she hates C*ck will have to resort to stamping on your crotch as opposed to blowing your socks
  86. Darren from London will be looking ever so slightly smug
  87. Poison.Pen from Edinburgh will be celebrating his birthday :\\
  88. John from London will be sucking 999 cocks
  89. Slushccool from London will be watching Laura from 85 stamping on C*ck, just because.
  90. Xyrt from London will be taking a baseball bat to stupid \'users\'
  91. Slushccool from London will be goading xyrt (no 90) as to how his head is feeling this morning
  92. Dave from Birmingham will be slaughtering goats in a ritual sacrifice to the holy Saint Skeletor
  93. Yoshi from London will be playing with his Master of the Universe toys
  94. Muurgh from London will be refreshing this page religiously, just to giggle at the entertaining things people will be doing.
  95. Slushccool from London will be willingly trying to entertain Muurgh from 94
  96. Anvil and Factual and Pint Sized and AD from OS will be singing Billy Myers \"Kiss the Rain\" in their kitchen while making tea
  97. Xyrt from ThingBox will be stabbing slushcool from 95 due to his insolence
  98. Mark from Nottingham will be be charging Slushcool from London to watch Laura (75, 81 & 85) stamping on my crotch. She knows it takes a lot of stamping
  99. Xyrt from ThingBox will be will secretly planning world domination
  100. Slushccool from Thingbox will be violently resisting the stabbing by Xyrt (no 97) whilst paying Mark (no 98) the PPV fee in groats.
  101. Xyrt from ThingBox will be read groats as scroats
  102. Victor from Lille will be reading some Niklas Luhmann articles
  103. Jimbob from the land of no love will be taking away his ex\'s ability to see her new bloke by viciously removing her eyes with a tooth pick
  104. Anvil from the same place Jimbob (No 103) is from will be asking jimbob to suggest vicious things he can do to his skank ho ex
  105. Xyrt from ThingBox will be singing - roses are red in various shades - all day
  106. Slushccool from Thingbox will be offering condolences and many, many methods of torutre to Jimbob (no 103)
  107. The Total Package from The Southside Cartel will be enjoying a Drink of Champions with all three Sugababes
  109. Paul from London Village will be imagining horrific trains wrecks
  110. Jimbob from the land of no love will be sharing and receiving advice with and from all about how to harm the one that tore your heart out
  111. Lex Luger from Golds\'s Gymnasium will be Putting Miss Elizabeth in the Torture Rack
  112. Anvil from Planet pain will be asking jimbob if he wants to create a tag team of pain and destroy skank ho\'s that break hearts!
  113. The Daleks from Skaro will be drilling a hole to the centre of the earth.
  114. Jimbob from the land of no love will be accepting Anvil (no112) as his new partner in harming ho\'s crime
  115. Slushccool from London will be reminding the Daleks that the Empress of Rachnoss beat them to it already.
  116. MARIE AND DARREN from help me will be asking all of you why they only wear pants?
  117. The Big Sexy from Nashville will be Wishing to join with JimBob and Anvil to form the Y2K NWA
  118. Anvil from the newly formed Y2K NWA will be accepting Big Sexy into the group and along with Jimbob the 3 will destroy skank ho\'s for good!
  119. Jimbob from Y2K NWA will be creating hell to women everywhere with his two new friends
  120. John Cena from The University of Thugonomics will be saying “You Can’t See Me” to Stevie Wonder
  121. Anvil from Y2K NWA will be asking team member Jimbob when do we start on our \"Cleansing mission\"
  122. Moz from C427 will be asking Factual what time is tea time?
  123. RO-BO from scorched earth will be destroying humanity
  124. Factual from C ME will be then telling Moz - T Time is near
  125. Jimbob from Y2K NWA will be leaving his new found friends for a few hours to get rat-arsed in the local for the restof the day getting wellied. Cleansing will begin on my 1st sip
  127. The Big Sexy from Know Your Role Boulevard will be Rolling with the Y2K NWA to lay the smackdown on all who cross our path!
  128. Precious Kevin Deluxe from London will be taking off her clothes and shouting at tramps.
  129. Anvil from Y2K NWA will be wishing Jimbob a good afternoon of drinking. Now let us cleanse!
  130. Factual Finch from the city of FACT will be ANSWERING-superheroes walk rnd in pants to give extra ventilation to their abnomally large genitals. Factual walks arnd in his pants for this reason 2
  132. Reebock from Southampton will be Looking for He-Man to suck on mum ra!!!
  133. Marcus Areleous of the third battalion legionairre from The OS Massif will be rearranging his y-fronts in order of general degredation of the frontal and bottom region
  134. Flawless Lawless from Ogy raiding society will be chaining myself with handcuffs to the raidiator and insert golden delious in my anus
  135. The Boz Boz from a dodgy street in London will be selling Triple-Sod, Yellow Bentines and Jessop Jessop Jessop
  136. The Big Sexy from the Y2K NWA will be worshipping Brain McBride forever!!
  137. Jimbob from internet cafe next to pub will be returning to the pub after sending a high five to his Y2K NWA buddies through this message. I\'m cleansing.
  138. Evil-Lyn from Skul Mountain will be getting it good and proper from Ram Man and Orko..............Dirty tart!!
  139. Emma from Sheffield will be TyPiNg LiKe ThIs AlL dAy
  140. Law The Merciless from Licensing will be yibbling, yibbering and saying things like woo wa woo wa and charlie says
  142. Ian Harris from Winchester will be exacting revenge on his ex lovers in a cruel, bitter and pointless way.
  143. Ian from Wiltshire will be Going to work and feeling a bit depressed.
  144. Shahnaz from Brighton will be procrastinating and maybe waxing her eyebrows
  145. The Big Sexy from Y2K NWA will be returning the high-five to Jimbob and Anvil
  146. (Saint) Michael from Southport will be eating stuffed tomatoes and salmon.. erm. perhaps watching a DVD. yeah, that\'s it.
  147. Joanna Lumley, Anita Rodick & Helena Bonham Carter from Leicester will be whoring themselves all night to raise a little money to buy some coloured bricks for some children. Helena\'s speciality is a golden shower.
  148. Jose Mourinho from cockchester will be sucking off Carvalleo, Terry, Robben and Drogba coz hes a fag
  149. Fallen Anvil from Cloud City will be sending out massive R.E.S.P.E.C.T to his Y2K NWA boys jimbob and Big Sexy
  150. The Boogeyman from The Bottomless Pit will be COMIN\' TO GETCHA!!
  151. Chris Sams from Norwich will be I am going to boycott the City strip bar\'s for the day as a mark of respect for the great Saint!
  152. Phil Austin from London will be committing war crimes.
  153. The Doctor from Gallifrey will be reversing the polarity of the neutron flow
  154. Dr Dre from Compton will be Pistol-whipping the Y2K NWA for having the nerve to rip off his old group
  155. Fiddy Cent from The Candy Shop will be Window Shopping
  156. 2pac from up above will be STILL releasing songs
  157. Tarquin from Windsor will be playing with bums
  158. Geoffrey from Reading will be looking for people to stroke his winkle through his trousers
  159. The Penny from Norwich will be Kidnapping fat kids and starving the little buggers until they are thin again!!!
  160. John from Cardiff will be brushing past people very closely in order to get some sexual contact for the 1st time in 7 months
  161. Package from Down South will be giving the person next to him a cork to plug his stinking ass!
  162. zac from New Hampshire will be proclaiming happy st skeletors day to everyone he meets.
  163. Will from Norwich will be beating midgets round the head with Heather Mill\'s leg while singing Love Me Do by The Beatles
  164. Chris S from Attleborough will be paid a visit from madam palm and her five ugly daughters
  165. Factual from city o\'fact will be warning John from Cardiff that this act in no.160 is known as \'frotting\'. Package-please block that ass.
  166. Wool from Norwich will be also masterbating a crab while eating a whelk alongside John Pertwee\'s coat
  167. Nathan Agate from Norwich will be putting red biro\'s up his bum to the tune of Salt n Peppa\'s Twist And Shout
  168. siani from Hawick will be reviving the dead, wrestling tigers, pwning the internets, and then having a nice cup of tea and a sit down.
  169. Len from Norfolk will be punching holes in pieces of A5 paper whilst beating a goldfish with a long and knobly stick
  170. Will from Norwich will be also eating nick nacks with elton john
  171. Geoffrey from the wilds of Thornhill will be haranging his nipples into a state of arousal before rubbing them against a picture of Sharon Osbourne and dreaming of her milky teats
  172. Anvil from the 6 sided ring will be reuniting the Outhere Brothers to tour the globe
  173. The Quintessential Stud-Muffin from Parts unknown will be offering a tug-job to Ian Botham
  174. Ian P from Hethersett (Currently Norwich) will be refraining from touching kids, BUT only for the day though!!!!!! I\'m only human!
  175. Kevin S from Scotland will be throwing haggis in the faces of small lambs whilst carresing his winkle with a prawn
  176. Outhere Brothers from the mother ship will be hitting that boom!
  177. Tequila Mocking Bear from Beef will be Listening to Derdang Derdang and loving every second of it.
  178. Viscera from Amsterdam will be proclaimed the worlds largest love machine after banging all of the pussycat dolls, at once!
  179. Richard Squire from Norwich will be taking a shit piss all over the face of Bob Geldof whilst screaming GIVE US YA FECKING MONEY
  180. dgs from Beef will be Listening to Loveless and loving every second of it.
  181. Robbie Williams from The Priory will be taking prescription drugs
  182. Will from TNC will be singing lord of the dance in a barry manilow stylee
  183. John Amino from Beef will be Listening to singer-songwriter shengis and loving every second of it.
  184. A bearded terrorist from derkaderkastan will be roasting goldfish over an open fire whilst whiping his ass with pinecones
  185. Girl from Goblets will be dating Anvil tonight and will challenge him to a \'fart-off\' which she will win hands down.
  186. Paul from Cardiff will be claiming that a Valentine\'s card from his mum still counts as having a girlfriend
  187. chris from leeds will be having an irn bru with the AGC massif, mistaking it for the tap water of his northern home town of middlesbrough
  188. arab from the beef will be celebrating his birthday in the pub and loving every second of it
  189. Melissa from Norwich will be stalking men at every given moment and boiling a few rabbits
  190. Dez from MPLA will be breathing in so much dung stench that he may as well be eating ass!
  191. Ricky Martin from around 8pm tonight will be livin\' la vida loca!
  192. Dez from the looks of number 190 will be being a knob.
  193. Wool from Norwich will be also miming to Hall & Oates songs whilst dripping a fruit corner yoghurt on his teates
  194. Susan from Aberdeen will be drinking jelly through a straw
  195. Cleo from Cleopatra will be coming at cha
  196. Chris from De Burgh will be singing
  197. Wool from Norwich will be getting arrested...........again for getting in to yet another taxi.
  198. CUNT from CUNTVILLE ALABAMA will be Will be testing the theory that if you hit a small child with a speeding car at 30mph there is an 80% chance they\'ll live. Also anvil likes bum
  199. randolph from weston-superare will be schwinging that bat a bat a bat a schwing
  200. MARIE AND DARREN from sowden will be celebrating the fact that they are not the only ones celebrating
  201. Wool from Norwich will be not ever getting into another fight!!
  202. Wool from Norwich will be quite busy tonight according to all of these posts!
  203. Wool from Norwich will be masterbating in between posting, and filming it
  204. batfink from within his wings of steel will be saving karate from a predicament
  205. Jens from Sweden will be getting a filling. What bigger turn-off is there than having a UV lamp and two sucktion hoses stuffed in your kisser?
  206. funky_nomad from Fenceland will be following Tequila Mocking Bear around pinting and laughing at his jumper
  207. Wool from Norwich will be wondering why his name is in bold
  208. Cunt from Retardville will be realising anytime soon the words \"Will be\" are already entered onto the post so writing them again was RETARDED!!!
  210. muttmcghee from edinburgh will be staying tight lipped for most of the year
  211. beefers from beefboard will be speaking alot of shit about skelator
  212. the maharishi from everywhere will be being omnipresent - just another day.
  213. Shaun Hills from Christchurch, New Zealand will be Eating a yoghurt for the win.
  214. alvin from the chipmonks will be butt f**king theodore whilst Simon films it
  215. Mozicide from LAX will be pondering whether The Man of Fact will give him a tea bag so they can have a ten to three time for tea
  216. George Bush from the good old us of a will be trying to raise his iq above that of a mentally retarded hamster/gerbil crossbreed
  217. The man o\'fact from behind YOU will be ready to tea bag you up in 5 minutes
  218. The Penny from the vagina of a virgin will be using his god-like powers to guess this weeks euromillions numbers
  219. Andrew Ridgway from The planet of the Apes will be trimming his long ginger locks, and making a lifesize replica of himself from the cuttings
  220. Steven Price from Norwich will be Maining all non-believers....
  221. Made Up Girl from Made Up Place will be crying into a bowl of minestrone soup because the pasta rings remind her of something made up that never happened.
  222. Steven Price from Norwich will be Taking evil spelling lessons as well as all the MAIMING....
  223. Wool from Norwich will be leaping from person to person hoping that his next leap will be his leap home
  224. Wool from Norwich will be wondering why he wrote WOOL as his name
  225. Wool from Norwich will be wondering why his name keeps coming up as WOOL!
  226. St Skeletor politely asks Will from Norwich to stop posting so many messages
  227. john from anstruther will be kicking the fuc out those norwich folk
  228. TNC\'s singer from musical legend will be tugging at his girth and trying to catch the drops in a camera film pot
  229. Joss Stone from America will be shoving a dildo up her arse..hey sistah go girl. (isn't she from Exeter? -- St Skeletor)
  230. john from anstruther will be fucking his mum up the arse for loving all the norwich folk
  231. mutt mcghee from edinburgh will be acting like a cock.
  232. 5k3l33tz0r from Snake Mountain will be pwning H3-m4n.
  233. john from anstruther will be sucking his nans labia majoras while being sucked off by steven hawkins
  234. God from Norwich will be slowly torturing anyone who wishes to diss people from norwich again.
  235. Mary from Mesa will be misreading how to post what I will be doing.
  236. Mike Hunt from Britain will be the butt of many prank phone call jokes.
  237. Vince Noir from The Zooniverse will be doing his hair and listening to Gary Newman records... he has a pilots licence!! how cool
  238. The Moon from Space will be wondering why Pluto doesnt speak to him anymore
  239. Stan Collymore from the Midlands will be taking part in a 24hours dogging marathon.
  240. me from me will be loving the moon and Vince
  241. Bob Fossil from The Zooniverse will be recording the word gorilla on a dictaphone and dancing to, i hate whites
  242. Nonda from Shabagni will be aspiring to be like Dean Holdsworth
  243. Roman Romanov from Lithuania will be bonkers.
  244. Mr Susan from The Mirror World will be shining his glitter balls and counting all 17 mirrors
  245. Lenny Henry from England will be funny. or at least try to be.
  246. Gunforth the mighty from Uranus will be crazier than a snakes armpit!!!
  247. Tom from Southampton will be hitting the club with a crew of niggas
  248. Ronaldo from \"Divers and cocks R Us\" will be hangin by his scrawny neck from a tree while locals pelt his cheating body with stones and grenades
  249. Simon from Southampton OS will be Beating his Wife
  250. Lauren Sheeran from Eastbourne will be having sex with herself!
  251. Kev from the Wirral will be baking a cake and brewing a pot of tea, then the inflatable bouncy castle will be erected in the garden and we\'ll eat prunes and get the runny shits.
  252. Howard Moon from The Zooniverse will be all over you like a wet flannel... chikachika hey where you from
  253. Adam from Southampton will be Laying the Mack down on mulitiple Women at once !
  254. 248 from Skeletar website will be bitter and STILL blaming England\'s pathetic exit from the World Cup on Ronaldo when in fact Rooney assaulted a player and stood on his balls.
  255. Dave from chester will be going out in his car driving into anyone wearing burberry at very high speeds.
  256. Nurse Nichola and Loren from England will be spreading STDs among the student population
  257. Bunta from Teesside will be Having a cry and a wank... a CRANK !
  258. Will Noir from Baltic House will be spraying goth juice into his hair and shitting on a summoned hitler
  259. Dave Nugent from Preston North End will be Banging in a hat trick to nock out shitty man City !!!
  260. Lee Dong-Gook from M\'boro will be Trying to pinch Viduka\'s pies
  261. All of Manchester from The North will be laughing at the pathetic Preston North End as all their supporters suck thier mums cunt as Man City win
  262. cuntface from fanny land will be shafting your mothers gash
  263. TinTin from Boro will be masturbating in snowy\'s eye (resulting in jizz eye)
  264. Adam from post 253 will be continuing to mack underage girls, for which he will eventually be convicted
  265. Rich from Liverpool will be celebrating in style with 3 goats and a scroat and a rack of coats, carrying a sack of oats to a fleet of boats.
  266. Jimmy Tarbuck from Liverpool will be HO HO!
  267. No 261 from Cunt Town will be getting knocked the f**k out
  268. CuntFuck from Post 261 will be Sucking his own cock to get over the disapointment of Man Shitty losing !
  269. all the boro fans from boro will be starting a riot on the pitch
  270. number 261 from manchester actually will be shaking in his fucking boots... 267, go fuck ya grandads corpse
  271. jake from the lake will be baking a cake with a flake
  272. all the scruffy cunts from liverpool will be robbing houses
  273. Rob from Bath will be translating bits of Russian for no particular reason.
  274. 271 from 271 will be sectioned
  275. No from 272 will be getting bruised up - Nigga !
  276. Britsol City fans from Wales will be Crying After Loosing At Boro
  277. St.Skeletor from this site will be getting even more pissed off with the amount of cunts that have now appeared on this site - man shitty and PNE fans - he\'s talking about you
  278. Amanda from Sweden will be hit my brother and my daddy´s new horrible wife
  279. WIll from Cork will be Smiting Valentinors crzy extending neck
  280. Craig Humphries from Glasgow will be Having intimate realations with a scorpion or lizard for several hours before moving onto farmyard animals
  281. Philip from Sweden will be throwing my sister Amanda from Mount Everest moaahahaaha
  282. bob from intarweb will be dancing in the street
  283. Professor Moonhead from Middlesbrough will be Eating atomic waste
  284. Alethea from Ingleby Barwick will be having a piss that smells of sugar puffs
  285. k from skelton will be buting a pucka blue merc, or else
  286. Louise from Eastbourne will be Wanting to join Chris Turner from Middlesborough and get wasted!! xx
  287. Stewy.D from boro will be taking part in the cocaine olympics
  288. Chris Turner from boro will be wanting to know 'do you want me to call you or nudge you for breakfast ;)'
  289. CJ from Lansing will be writing an exam
  290. Badger Madge from Oxford will be working on her evil plan to take over the world
  291. Joshua WRight from Norfolk, Virginia will be Charging Couples full price for everything, includng used CDs.
  292. DD from Columbia MO will be watching Frankenstein for a religions class
  293. Danny 3 Balls from Cockstown will be having a suspicious operation
  294. Chuck Norris from alker Texas Ranger will be roundhouse kicking any sucka that gets in his way!
  295. Eseban Cutabares from the Acme Cheese Company will be eating Lemon Chicken and singing Smoke on the water in Japanese
  296. McNicester from TNC will be eating onion.
  297. McNicester from TNC will be upgrading everything to EVIl - sucvh as EVIL ONIONS..............
  298. James B from London will be trying to wear his penis down to a nub
  299. Lacey from Seattle will be bravely fighting off a hangover
  300. James M also from London will be attempting to eat his own head
  301. Dave from New York will be taking a shower
  302. Etienne from Sherbrooke will be attempting to reconcile Lupercalia with Skeletor worship.
  303. Robert F from Austin, TX will be pwnfacing people\'s dreams
  304. Matt Needles from Austin TX will be Gunning up the town, stinkor style
  305. Dextra from New Orleans will be polishing the strap-on weasel. And the weasel\'s strapon as well.
  306. Frank from Texas will be an idiot.
  307. JR Hartley will be picking sweetcorn from his shit and then he will be eating it.
  308. daniel from london will be cooking pancakes
  309. James from Calgary will be singing everything he says.
  310. luke from london will be making sarcastic comments about his colleagues
  311. el nize from over here will be flicking bogeys at the sun
  312. Katie from London will be eating chips and pesto sandwiches and watching Richard and Judy
  313. Andy from London will be sucking on Strepsils like a fury
  314. Becka from the Kingdom of Loathing will be Bashing yetis, working, then mixing up a batch of tasty vodka martinis.
  315. Jenny from Shropshire will be repeatedly hitting shuttlecocks at a wall so they rebound into a child\'s face.
  316. HUMBY from southampton will be licking the shits from the arses of dogs whilst fisting jews and jizzing on the faces of new born babies
  317. Ashley from Bristol will be Ramming his cock down the throats of gingers whilst rubbing his arsehole up against piss soaked urinals cruising for hepatitis
  318. Magnus Feldth from Sweden will be playing catch with Cringer
  319. Jon from Tenerife will be trying to fit 3 cocks up his ass at once whilst inhaling dog farts through straws and shitting into a bag
  320. Pete from Eastwood 6 will be preparing for a night of immense lash tomorrow, by watching loads of telly in his pants
  321. Rumyra from Etheria will be Hacking away at something - not sure what yet!
  322. Jacky from Detroit will be illegally downloading music and tv shows off the internets all day while skipping school.
  323. Andy from Suffolk will be enjoying having a dump of biblical proportions
  324. Peter Pan from Neverland will be asking Wendy for a hummer
  325. Nigs from London will be poppin\' young bloods
  326. Max from New York will be Watching the NHL until late at night, while eating Thai food.
  327. Cailin from Bellingham will be taking advantage of the post-valentines-day-sales and gorging herself with chocolate.
  328. Cupcakes of Hell from Third Circle of Hell will be messing around in RR
  329. neural_jam from The Planet Spindex will be Hijacking The U.S.S. Enterprise E, running a sensor sweep on this board, and finding that the goats are the most human things here
  330. Eric from Minion Inc. will be Selling off my worldly possesions on eBay... for candy.
  331. saiyan_queen from Minnesota will be hating babies and watching Red vs Blue
  332. Pantsman from Canada will be Protecting the streets of Canada while drinking cheap vodka coolers.
  333. Nick from Wisconsin, USA will be eating chicken.
  334. JK from Planet 10 will be hiding in one of those \"Love Tunnel\" rides, waiting for a boat to pass by so I can jump in and disembowel the riders.
  335. bar1scorpio from Detroit, MI will be Working on his webcomic, Peter is the Wolf
  336. Jecob from Indiana will be being a bastard, as usual.
  337. from will be
  338. Trish from Columbia, MD will be pooping a lot and forgetting to do this website thing until 1:36 am!
  339. Stephen from Nottingham will be under his sleng teng.
  340. Athur Fuckface from Your Mum\'s Arsehole will be thinking about what he\'s done, then crying about it. Then doing it again. Because he\'s fictional and can do what the fuck he likes.
  341. God from Heaven will be Will be doing nothing because he doesn\'t exist. Aaah.
  342. Matt B from Ipswich will be festering in his own filth
  343. Ian F from the internets will be sparedJohn Ian from The West will be placing his phallus into the stigmata of our lord and saviour, Jesus Christ (the right hand one)
  344. Phil Ian from The East will be slating his Mum for not having his tea ready when he returns from the shops.
  345. Louis from Croydon will be Seeing if he can smell the difference between beans and spagetti, blindfolded
  346. Susie from Liverpool will be stopping her uni assignments and drinking lots of beer and eating creme eggs by the basketful!
  347. Joe from Dublin will be roundhouse kicking Chuck Norris in the head
  348. Thomas Canning from Romford will be lobotomising 12 donkeys in the good name of Skeletor
  349. Mac Daddy from Godalming will be pitying the fool!
  350. iMac_Hunt from The Intenet will be Performing stand-up with Zippy
  351. PHIL from CWMBRAN will be crying because he is back in work after visiting Barcelona
  353. right from right will be right with a right right
  354. Rajesh Gupta from Essex will be munching one million Fillet\'o\'fish from Mcdonalds
  355. Daniel Moore from Chingford will be sucking mens cocks and shagging kids
  356. Camilla the giant chinchilla from middle class ghetto will be screwing up people\'s lives with a smile on her stupid scandinavian face
  357. Nigel from the wrong side of town will be having no volume control
  358. Dave from M27 will be poking myself in the eye with a sharp stick

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An email

Dear Sir,

I wish to question the legitimacy of Skeletor as a 'Saint'.

I accept his status as an evil genius bent on world domination and arch nemesis of he-man. I do not however accept his beatification and status as a saint. Is he even dead? Can he be killed?

I propose that he is no more a saint than Michael, the gentleman who designs clothes for Marks and Spencer.

With kind regards,
Michael Carden

This is clearly an attempt by Mr Carden to pass himself off as a clothes designer, and he is best ignored.

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