Matt Lee



In addition to running Libre FM, a music service for indie artists and music lovers alike, I make noises with my own band, furny. Our first EP came out in 2005, with a follow up record released in 2007 by our own record label, Horsley Sound (named after a character in my own abortive sitcom, Chancer). In 2008, Horsley Sound released a CD version of furny's More Mature Escapades In Hi-Fi, which you can now buy on any of those fancy internet music places, as well as and your local music stores (if you ask nicely and order it). furny doesn't really do 'gigs' on account of 2/3rd of the band living on the other side of the Atlantic ocean to me, and that we're a bit rubbish playing live, and nobody wants to watch us just poke at laptops. Probably.